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Acapela Group

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Acapela Group, the 1st European Speech Group resulting from the merger between Babel Technologies and Elan Speech, enables  customers to create new ways of conversing and interacting with the end-user through speech-enabled revenue-generating applications. The Group 's  product offer covers all market segments and features 23 languages and a wide range of voices.
For more details about Acapela Group, click on www.acapela-group.com


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IT Optics was established in 2000 to offer IT solutions based on Open Source softwares and more specifically LINUX. This spin-off, which organizes information seminars about the Open Source in collaboration with Multitel, has already developed partnerships with Dexia, BULL and Avanex.
For more details about IT Optics, click on www.it-optics.com


SmartWear Logo

In june 2003, Multitel launches Smartwear. Today, the spin-off has many projects in progress around the development of two activities: the line of textile from the "Guide du Routard" licence as well as innovative products in the multifunction clothing world (fiber and intelligent sensors).
For more details about Smartwear, click on www.smartwear.be


Acic Logo

Since october 2003, the Multitel spin-off ACIC provides software and hardware products in positioning, data fusion and image & video analysis (VideoSurveillance).
Acic works for public as well as private sectors.
For more details about ACIC, click on www.acic-tech.be


Polymedis Logo

Created in 2003, Polymedis produces and sells softwares for the medical world which enable them to manage emergency rooms flood with more rapidity and efficiency.
This Multitel spin-off started up in collaboration with the Tivoli CHU from la Louvière and the Saint-Luc university hospitals in Brussels.
For more details about Polymedis, click on www.polymedis.com