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Networking Services

Traditional data networks are increasingly facing new challenges such as bandwidth, security, service level requirements or voice/data integration.

MULTITEL has focused its efforts on offering you a service independent of any influence, the aim being to derive maximum benefit from your existing network, upgrade it, deploy new applications, make it secure or simply help you to design it and support you throughout the implementation.

Design and monitoring of new projects

In the context of new installations or of structurally important changes to your business network, the Networking unit can take in charge any phase of your project:

  • The preliminary study (requirement analysis) of local area networks (LANs),
    whether they are wireless or not, and wide area networks (WANs)
  • Taking into account security issues
  • Design, sizing and designcost estimate
  • Assistance in the specification writing
  • Analysis of tenders
  • Acceptance testing of the work
  • Hardware configuration (switches, routers, firewalls...)
  • Inter-sites VPN configuration
  • Alternative LAN design (Wi-Fi, power line communication; …)
  • Adaptation of the architecture design
Audit of existing networks

The Networking unit has a complete service for the inspection of networks, covering every components, from applications to cabling, including network hardware.

They focus initially on troubleshooting problems on the network:

  • Verification of the cabling system (coaxial cable, twisted pairs or optical fibre) in collaboration with the Applied Photonics team of Multitel which has developed a Metrology service (ISO9001 certification in progress)
  • Traffic analysis (sniffers), solving addressing problems, response time, IP/MAC correspondences protocol distribution, etc
  • Virus and intrusion detection
  • Adressing problems resolution
  • Reinstallation, configuration and optimisation of operating systems (Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Unix, Linux REDHAT/SUSE/Debian/Mandriva, etc.)
  • Reinstallation, configuration and optimization of network applications: web servers (IIS, Apache), FTP servers, streaming servers, etc
  • Configuration of network hardware (Ethernet switches, routers, wireless access points, etc.)

Based on the information gathered during the first phase, our developers draw up a report defining the condition of the network (baselining).

This report will enable them to propose some changes to your network in terms of functionality, reliability, security, performance and/or reducing operating costs.

Network applications

Independently of these auditing activities, they can also deploy several network applications such as:

  • Classical services: web, mail, LDAP, RADIUS authentication,…
  • A proactive network management system based on open-source/free software like Nagios
  • Complete suitable IDS (Intrusion Detection System) for your enterprise
Application development

Specialized in networking for many years, our researchers and software engineer team have a working expertise in software project. Therefore they can choose the very best technology given the specificity of your application and environment. Our team has recently grown in order to provide a broad range of services whatever the developing environment : Linux, Windows or web.


Given the growing use of Linux and the open source software in industrial environment, our system development team offer various services. Kernel modifications and driver developments are some of their expertise fields.

They can help you to achieve your industrial, real-time or embedded developments.

Being a multi-users and multitasks operating system, Linux provides an ideal environment for software development on the client/server model. E.g. The use of relational databases (MySQL) or transactional databases (PostgreSQL) makes it possible today to achieve a high level of performance formerly exclusive to proprietary database management systems (DBMS).

Given its expertise, Multitel also offers its service in the field of embedded systems:

  • Vertical applications for technical and commercial reporting aimed at professionals demanding software mobile solutions (web pads, notebooks or PDA,...)
  • Expertise in low level development in order to answer the issue of GNU/LINUX system integration and development in the field of embedded systems


Our team has a working experience in software development in the major languages (Visual Basic, Visual C/C++,...) including in .NET environment. In the absence of a software to answer your needs (e.g. interfacing of two existing pieces of software) we can analyse the problem and develop a specific solution. We can manage all the steps of the project: in-depth analysis, modelling, coding, deployment, documentation and installation. Our goal is also to design system architecture including the recommendations at the hardware, software and networking level.

Web technologies

Many languages (PHP, Java, Javascript) particularly suited to web development provide a rock-solid, secure and open environment allowing us to implement any web application independently of the underlying OS. The mastering of those languages and our Linux and Windows expertise allow us to determine the best technology suited to your needs and to implement any project in an effective way for your company.

Training courses

MULTITEL offers a wide range of training courses for professionals. According to the companies’ specific needs, companies can choose from the leaflet or ask for free-choice training. For instance, sessions on Wi-Fi and DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) are proposed. For more details please consult our website.

Design and deployment of IP, VoIP and VoWiFi Telephony

The Networking department works in the field of a Voice over IP solution. This technology makes use of the Internet and IP networks in order to transmit voice data and signals. This solution allows the centralized management of the telephony system and allows the convergence of telephones, computers and any multimedia application in a single environment which is completely secured and managed by computers.


  • Securing of existing or future VoIP installations
  • Design and sizing of the Wi-Fi network for voice support
  • Performances analysis of the VoWi-Fi infrastructure (Wi-Fi telephones and access points). For more details, visit our website and have a look at our leaflet on IP-Telephony
Implementation of Wireless Technology
  • Feasibility study of WiFi coverage problem
  • Deployment of the solution including the optimization of the the access point positioning taking into account the three aspects, namely output / security / quality of services
  • Advanced configuration of the access points and of the linked authentication servers
  • Network security and conformity tests

Wireless technology systems are deployed both in internal and external environments with the guarantee of a proper coverage level.

Spectral measurements are made in order to define the noise level of the frequency band caused by disruptive elements, such as Bluetooth equipments, other Wi-Fi networks, DECT phones and base stations, wireless audio/video transmitters, microwave ovens, etc... For more details, visit our website and have a look at our leaflet on Wireless Networks.

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