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Embedded systems Services

Solutions for Embedded systems

Created out of a group delivering speech algorithms to the consumer market, the embedded team is composed of high skills engineers with strong industrial experience.

Due to the high complexity of the speech algorithms, the team has acquired over time (since 1998) a wide range of skills in embedded programming, optimisation and digital signal processing, without losing sight of putting the products on the market on time.

Multitel's offer

The Multitel "Embedded systems" team offers support for companies systems in the following areas :

  • Development of software for DSP & RISC based systems in C/C++, assembler (Java, VB, .NET on demand)
  • Development of software for embedded Linux, QNX, Windows CE & Smartphone, Symbian, Vx Works, DSP/BIOS, or 'no OS'
  • Porting of existing software towards embedded platforms, fixed point conversion, optimisation of MIPS and memory usage
  • Advice on the choice of algorithms, processors, tools, ...
  • Feasibility studies

Interested in our services?
Feel free to contact our sales team: +32 65 34 27 19 ou +32 65 34 27 84 or by e-mail: commercial@multitel.be