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Signal Processing


The Electronics and Embedded Systems group perform research, engineering, design and development of electronic hardware devices and systems for the industry.

Electronics R&D

The Electronics and Embedded Systems Research Group performs R&D activities in the following fields :

  • Embedded Sensors ;
  • Wireless Communicating Systems, Secure Wireless Sensor Networks ;
  • Passive and Active customized RFID solutions for harsh environments ;
  • Outdoor and Indoor Real-Time Location Systems (positioning/localization) ;
  • Real-Time Track&Trace of mobile assets ;
  • Wireless Digital Video Broadcasting ;
  • Wireless telemetry ;
  • GPS/GSM/GPRS Identification/Positioning devices and systems ;
  • Biometric Access Control ;
  • RF remote control of systems and devices for the medical industry.

Electronic devices prototyping and preproduction

  • Design of schematics and PCB layout according to submitted specifications ;
  • Manufacturing of prototypes and small-series PCB ;
  • Preproduction and production management of electronic devices and systems.

Tests and measurements

  • Audit and characterization of Wireless Sensor Networks : quality, performances and evaluations ;
  • Optimal calibration of RF devices and systems according to predefined networks geometries and topologies ;
  • Audit of WiFi networks deployment ;
  • Testing and evaluation of harsh environments RFID systems ;
  • Audit of industrial and on-site RFID systems deployments ;
  • RF Channels characterization and preparation of EMC tests (CE certification).

MULTITEL has recently acquired a new anechoic chamber

  • EMC pre-compliance (EMI and EMS) tests of electronic prototypes and devices, both developed by MULTITEL and by third-party partners, and also as external services for the industry ;
  • RF Antenna design, RF propagation studies and models ;
  • Antenna arrays ;
  • RF Telemetry ;
  • Positioning algorithms based on RF propagation algorithms such as AoA (Angle of Arrival), ToA (Time of Arrival), TDoA (Time Difference of Arrival) ;
  • Compatibility and cohabitation tests for ISM bands RF systems.

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