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Railway Certification

Multitel Certification Department - ERTMS Test solutions and Services:

Multitel participates in a number of ERTMS R & D activities, developing ERTMS tests solutions and services for the European Railway Agency and the European Comission, the industry and infrastructure managers. Examples of test solutions and services are:

  • Component testing: Subset-076 (EVC - onboard train computer), Subset-085 (Balise and BTM testing) and Subset-074 (STM) testing.
  • Maintenance solutions: balise quality of signal analysis tool and hardware, and services and testing facilities for the migration of train trackside infrastructure to newer standards.
  • Train/Track Validation: MultiRailLab can provide in laboratory early detection of train/track validation problems. Actually, we can provide full validation of new lines as well of new trains on existing tracks, based on project data, gradients, operational and engineering rules, balise and radio telegrams.

Detailed reporting: Our reportings provide the reason of the failure and points out the observed values side-by-side with the expected values at the variable level. In case of multilayer protocols like the Euroradio protocol, our reports can show the communication layer per layer, with the protocol detailed in a human readable format up to the variable level.

Our approach:

Adaptation modules: Build generic tools and handle the specific cases through adaptation modules. This allows fast development of new testing facilities, assuring cost effective upgrade of test equipment and protection of client proprietary interfaces.


Multitel is ISO-9001 and the Certification laboratory is the first ERTMS laboratory accredited ISO17025 427-TEST for subsets-076 and Subsets-094

Interested in our services?
Feel free to contact our sales team: +32 65 34 27 96 or +32 65 34 27 67 or by e-mail: ertms at multitel dot be