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  •  Speech processing
  •  Image
  •  Data fusion
  •  Applied Photonics
  •  Networking

Conferences lectures

  •  S. Dupont, C. Ris, Robust Feature Extraction and Acoustic Modeling at Multitel: Experiments on the Aurora Database, Proceedings of Eurospeech 2003, Geneva, September 2003.
    Link : pdf
  •  L. Robette, K. Yuksel, V. Moeyaert, D. Hamoir, La maintenance de réseaux optiques passifs sur base de la technologie de la reflectometrie optique dans le domaine temporel, Proceedings of 22èmes Journées Nationales d'Optique Guidée (JNOG'03), Valence, France, November 2003, pp. 351-353.
  •  A. Fernandez Fernandez, A. Gusarov, F. Berghmans, Long-term temperature monitoring in a low flux nuclear reactor using bragg grating sensors, Proceedings Of Conference on Optical Fibre Sensors (OFS), Naran, Japan, October 2003.
  •  G. Rego, A. Fernandez Fernandez, J. L. Santos, H. M. Salgado, F. Berghmans, A. Gusarov, Effect of ionizing radiation on the properties of long-period fiber gratings written in a pure-silica-core fiber, Proceedings of Conference on Bragg Gratings, Photosensitivity and Poling in Glass Waveguides (BGPP), Monterey, CA, September 2003.
  •  M. Van Uffelen, S. Girard, F. Goutaland, A. Gussarov, B. Brichard, F. Berghmans, Gamma radiation effects in Er-doped silica fibers, Proceedings Of the 7th European Conference on Radiation and its Effects on Components and Sytems (RADECS), Noordwijk, The Netherlands, September 2003.
  •  V. Moeyaert, P. Mégret, J.-C. Froidure, L. Robette, M. Blondel, Analytical formulation of the error probability of a QPSK transmission impaired by the joint action of gaussian and impulse noise, Second IASTED International Conference on Communication Systems and Networks, Benalmadena, Spain, August 2003, pp. 381-385.
  •  K. Yüksel, L. Robette, V. Moeyaert, J.-C. Froidure, OTDR-based monitoring method for passive optical networks, Network & Optical Communications (NOC), Vienna, Austria, July 2003, pp. 255-261.
  •  A. Gusarov, D. Doyle, D. Kinet, A. Volchek, Testing and qualification of optical glasses for use in a space radiation environment ; the advantages and pitfalls of using a parametric approach, Proceedings of the 9th International Materials in a Space Environment, ESTEC, June 2003.
  •  G. Rego, A. Fernandez Fernandez, J. L. Santos, H. M. Salgado, F. Berghmans, A. Gusarov, Optical fibre sensors for radiation environments, Proceedings Of the Optical Fibre Measurement Conference (OFMC), 2003.
  •  B Georis, X Desurmont, D Demaret, S Redureau, JF Delaigle, B Macq, IP-Distributed Computer-Aided Video-Surveillance System, Proceedings of IEE Intelligent distributed surveillance systems, February 2003.
    Link : pdf


  •  A. O. Volchek, V. M. Lisitsyn, A. Gusarov, V. Yu. Yakovlev and V. I. Arbuzov, Transient optical transmission changes induced by pulsed electron radiation in commercial crown silicate glasses, Nuclear Instruments and Methods, in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms, Volume 211, Issue 1, September 2003, pp. 100-106.

Scientific publications

  •  P. Mégret, Y. Defosse, M. Wuilpart, V. Moeyaert, Métrologie des fibres optiques dans Physique et technologie des fibres optiques, J.-P. Meunier, Edition Hermes Lavoisier, 2003, 342 pages.