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  •  Speech processing
  •  Image
  •  Data fusion
  •  Applied Photonics
  •  Networking

Conferences lectures

  •  A. Gusarov, D. strarodubov, F. Berghmans, O. Deparis, Y. Defosse, A. Fernandez Fernandez, M. Décreton, P. Mégret, M. Blo, Behaviour of fibre Bragg gratings under high total dose gamma radiation, IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, vol. 47, n. 3, 2000, pp. 688-692.
  •  V. Moeyaert, L. Robette, J.-C. Froidure, J. Hanoteau, M. Blondel, Characterization of multiple interference impairing CATV networks return path transmission, Proceedings of Online Symposium for Electronic Engineers (OSEE), October 2000.
  •  V. Moeyaert, L. Robette, J.-C. Froidure, J. Hanoteau, M. Blondel, A way to extract information from CENELEC EN50083-10 multiple interference measurements, Proceedings of the 5th European Conference on Networks & Optical Communications (NOC), Stuttgart, Germany, June 2000, pp. 27-34.


  •  E. Bravi, V. Moeyaert, S. Betti, M. Giaconi, J.-C. Froidure, L. Ghislain, M. Blondel, Experimental and theoretical evaluation of distortion effects on SCM optical transmissions due to the joint action of static chirping, dynamic chirping and dispersive channel, Photonics Communication Networks, n. 4, 2000, pp. 393-401.