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Les dix ans de Multitel en images2010-11-26
Sous l’égide de l’UMONS, Multitel et Materia Nova ont fêté leurs 10 ans d’existence ce mardi 23 novembre. L’événement a remporté un franc succès en rassemblant plus de 200 personnes !

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23/11/2010 - Mons : Multitel à 10 ans !

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Multitel souffle sa dixième bougie !2010-11-10
Multitel et Materia Nova, sous l’égide de l’UMONS, ont le plaisir de vous inviter à fêter leurs 10 ans d’existence le mardi 23 novembre à 14h00. Retrouvez le programme complet des allocutions et des visites guidées des centres au travers des liens :

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ETCS Test Laboratories are in INNOTRANS2010-09-30

The ETCS Test Laboratories welcome you on their booth ! (Hall 2.2b, Stand 101)

The European Train Control System (ETCS) is being introduced on the first tracks through Europe at present – for a harmonized and borderless railway transport. To ensure interoperability of each new component, the conformity concerning the specification needs to be proofed. This can be realised by testing in an independent test laboratory. Three laboratories in Europe are specialized for testing ETCS components and subsystems in simulations – comprehensive, thorough and cost efficient. Working closely together, the ETCS Test Laboratories present their common and specific work together at the InnoTrans 2010.

If you need more information concerning Multitel ERTMS activities, please feel free to contact us

More information can be found concerning the ETCS Test Laboratories here

Multitel on a RFID experts platform for applications in Logistics2010-04-29

As from 23rd to 26th March 2010, Multitel participated in SITL Europe 2010 (International Week of Transport and Logistics), which was held in the Exhibition Hall of Paris Nord Villepinte. The innovation centre had a booth on the collective space organized jointly by the AWEX and Logistics in Wallonia.

SITL 2010 is the biggest event in Europe that focuses on information systems and technology with applications in logistics. Simultaneously with SITL Europe, the RFID Show was held in hall 6. RFID applications are, in the great majority, linked to logistics. The RFID event therefore occupies a legitimate place by the side of SITL.

Our innovation centre took advantage of this great opportunity to present its Wireless Sensor Network hardware, which is implemented in the framework of applications in traceability and real time positioning of assets and persons in indoor and outdoor environments.

More informations: http://www.rfid-show.com and http://www.sitl.eu

The Innovation Centre Rewarded Once Again on Photonics Europe...2010-04-27
From 12th to 16th April 2010, the Photonics Europe Fair gathered 2,150 participants in the hall of the Square Conference Centre in Brussels.  The biennal event organized by SPIE Europe is one of the European platforms for scientific exchanges targeting the different players in photonics, optics and micro-and nanotechnology.

An opportunity that Multitel’s Applied Photonics department could not ignore to present the work achieved, regarding research, innovation and technology transfer.
The event includes three parts: the Photonics Innovation Village where new prototypes can be exhibited; the conferences for sharing the latest scientific progress in the area; and finally, the Exhibition Hall, which is rather business-oriented and mainly dedicated to companies.

At the Photonics Innovation Village, organized by the VUB (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) for this edition, Multitel exhibited a platform dedicated to the interrogation of photonic biochips for the detection of proteins, developed in the context of the European project SABIO (FP6).  The innovation centre’s objective was to present the innovative idea of interfacing parametric photonic biochips for the detection of chemical and biological substances by means of a portable device dedicated to be used for Point-of-Care diagnostic.  A device considered as promising by the Innovation Village Selection Committee who handed the award in the category « Best Innovation by a Multilateral Project, Organisation or Company » to Fabian Dortu.

As a member of the Walloon Photonics Cluster, Multitel also proposed a general presentation on the department’s activities in the Exhibition Hall.  Fibre laser prototypes developed in the framework of projects such as NextGenPCF (FP6) (generation of supercontinuum and Raman laser) and ALPINE (FP7) (solar cells marking) were shown to a large audience.
The Conferences enabled more exhaustive oral presentations on the work achieved in the framework of projects such as ENVIMEDIA (FEDER), OFSETH (FP6), SABIO (FP6) and P3SENS (FP7).  Jean-Bernard Lecourt presented the actively Q-switched  fibre laser that was developed for ENVIMEDIA. As for the results of OFSETH, led by Multitel and recently concluded, they were presented by François Narbonneau.  Domenico Giannone presented the results obtained in SABIO, also recently completed, as well as the launching of P3SENS, addressing the detection of proteins by means of disposable photonic polymer biochips. Finally, the University of Limoges presented their work (achieved in collaboration with Multitel), on PCFs fibres and on the generation of supercontinuum.
The event was also an opportunity for Multitel to assess the results of the ACCORD project (FP6), whose objective was to link industrial actors with university labs for achieving research in photonics in new sectors (by means of the prototypes the industrial partners put at the researchers’ disposal). Therefore, Aa workshop was organized by the ACCORD consortium to present their results to the a large audience.   The opportunity for Ttwo industrial actors (Onefive GmbH and Nanovation) took advantage of the event to show the results of their collaborations with university labs.  The initiative is supposed to go on in the context of Nexpresso (FP7), a new project that is now in the negotiation process of the European Commission.  As for ACCORD, it was officially completed on 15th April 2010.

In a nutshell, this latest participation was successful, judging from the large audience interested in the Walloon innovation centre’s expertise. Already granted an award on the photonics Innovation Village in Strasbourg in 2008, Multitel was once again rewarded this year for its research work.
For more information on Multitel’s projects

Discover the video on the TransLogistic project : http://www.translogistic.be/.2010-04-26

The project achieved in the framework of  the "Logistics in Wallonia" competitive cluster, aims to develop a highly capable, competitive and complete combined transport as well as quality logistics with a high added value.

Transformer des SMS en sons, c'est possible !2010-04-01
Multitel Leader of two New FP7 Projects2010-03-12
Multitel starts this year confirming once more its active involvement in the European Research Area, with the kick off of P3SENS and VANAHEIM, both submitted in response to the 4th ICT CALL of the FP7 last 1st April 2009.

Led by the applied photonics team, P3SENS aims to design, manufacture and validate a multichannel (50 or more) polymer photonic crystal biosensor for the label-free detection of proteins.

VANAHEIM is conducted by the image processing department and aims to study and develop innovative monitoring components for large audio/video surveillance infrastructures such as the ones prevailing in airports or railway underground stations.

For more information, visit our web page on R&D projects.