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Join Multitel on Traçabilité / Solutions RFID / Progilog ...2009-10-29

Multitel is participating in the Traçabilité / Solutions RFID / Progilog Fair on 25 and 26 November in Paris, Porte de Versailles.

This unique event in Europe gathers three main fairs whose topics are complementary and includes conferences on each of the three main themes.

Our innovation centre is taking advantage of this oppotunity to present its solutions in the fields of traceability, RFID and, more specifically, its technological developments in identification, positioning and tracking of assets and persons both in indoor and outdoor environments, with the development and implementation of real time traceability systems.

Are you interested in our solutions ? Register here NOW and benefit from a free of charge entrance to the faire and from a low rate access to conferences. Come and join us on booth C38 in Hall 8 to discover our applications such as the positioning of railway carriages in a marshalling yard, traceability in hospitals as well as integrated anti-fraud systems.

For more information on the event http://www.salon-tracabilite.com.

Looking foward to meeting you on the Solutions RFID Fair !
Multitel, muse de l'IT...2009-10-26
The weekly magazine proposes a report on TIC in Wallonia which consists in a diaporama of the Walloon Organizations supporting local companies using ICT. It includes a focus on Multitel and its mission of promoting innovation meant for industrial actors....
Join Multitel on ITU TELECOM WORLD 2009 in Geneva from 5 to 9 October...2009-09-29

Multitel is participating in ITU TELECOM WORLD as a member of the AWEX (Wallonia Foreign Trade and Investment Agency) group of companies gathered on booth 4421 in HALL 4. The Innovation Centre will present its work on computer networks, including IPv6, security (authentication, coding, etc.) and Wi-Fi technology, as well as some demos on speech-centric multimodal interaction and machine vision.

That major networking platform which takes place every three years is a unique event for the Telecommunications and ICT sectors. On the 2009 edition of ITU TELECOM WORLD (International Telecommunication Union), professionals from the whole world will be able to discuss the great challenges of the Information society... For more information on the event : http://www.itu.int/WORLD2009/
Devenez ingénieur certifié Red Hat avec Multitel2009-09-17

Conscient de la croissance du marché Linux et de l’impact des compétences IT sur la performance d’une entreprise, le centre d’innovation Multitel propose un large éventail de formations Red Hat.

Le programme Red Hat mène pas à pas à la qualification officielle de technicien (RHCT), d'ingénieur (RHCE) et d’architecte (RHCA) au travers de cours très orientés vers la pratique.

Découvrez ces formations en détails sur le site Internet de Multitel : http://www.multitel.be/?page=redhat

Pour tout savoir sur l’impact des certifications Red Hat sur les performances informatiques de l’entreprise, consultez le Livre Blanc d'IDC France .

A côté de ce programme, Multitel propose un vaste panel de formations en réseaux informatiques, optique, programmation et cryptographie, directement accessibles sur son site http://www.multitel.be/?page=training

Multitel Launches four new Research Projects2009-09-11
Multitel started this month with the launch of four of their new projects, confirming their active participation in European and Regional Research Programmes. These are all achieved by the Applied Photonics Department .

These projects are :

ALPINE, European project (FP7) focusing on fibre laser systems for the manufacturing of photovoltaïc modules.

Integral Foams is an ERA-NET CORNET project which addresses the mecanical properties of rigid polymer foams.

BIOSE, which was submitted in response to the last call of the WALEO 3 Programme of the Regional Government (Service Public de Wallonie) aims at improving the techniques of biological analyses by means of optical sensors.

CILAB submitted in response to the 2nd call of the ERDF in September 2008, aimes at the implementation of a collective multisectorial platform dedicated to the innovation and technological transfert in the fields of composite materials.

To learn more on these projects, please vist http://www.multitel.be/?page=projets.
Europhotonics focuses on FP6 Initiative ACCORD2009-07-17
From 15 th to 18 th June 2009, Multitel attended the Laser World of Photonics International Trade Fair in the New Munich Trade Centre. A specific workshop was dedicated to the ACCORD project (FP6 IST-2005-2.5.1, Photonic Components), led by the University of Gent in Belgium, and in which Multitel is participating as a WP leader (WP1: Industrial Contacts). ACCORD is an experimental project which aims at bringing together Photonics European Industrial Leaders with top European Universities in order to strengthen European R&D in Photonics.

A particular attention has been given to ACCORD in the recent June/July issue of the European Magazine on Photonics. The article, pertinently entitled "Europe's ACCORD bridges the gap between R&D and product launch" gives details on the most recent advancements of the initiative and its future perspectives.
Welcome to the Second Issue of the SYSTEX Newsletter 2009-07-07

This new edition of the European Platform for e-textiles and wearable microsystems proposes, among others, the research work of the University of Pisa on textile-based monitoring systems for health, the commercialization of intelligent textiles by TNO, a focus on FP7 projects TREMOR and DEPHOTEX, invitations to events for SYSTEX dissemination in Gent, etc.

More information available at www.systex.org

Multitel's Annual Report 2008 is released2009-06-29

Milestones, research and innovation areas, projects results and industrial collaborations, development... Read more on the activities of the Innovation Centre in its annual report 2008 (French version).

Multitel at Laser 2009 World of PHOTONICS from 15th to 18th June in Munich2009-06-11

Multitel will attend Laser 2009 World of PHOTONICS from 15th to 18th June in Munich. The Walloon activities in Photonics will be presented in Munich on a stand organised by the Wallon Photonics Cluster (to which Multitel is affiliated). At this occasion, Multitel will participate as an exhibitor and will present its most recent results in the domain of fibre lasers and on short pulse lasers more precisely. To get more information, please contact our engineers on Hall B2, stand 434.

Also Multitel will participate in the presentation of the European project ACCORD (« Advanced Components Cooperation for Optoelectronics Research and Development »).  The main objective of this project is to purchase pre-competitive photonic devices from innovative European companies and put them in the hands of European researchers so that they can work to their research projects using innovative prototypes. Partners of the project, coming from both industrial and academic area, will present the results of the project and future opportunities. A 30 minutes session will be organized to present the results of the 3 following projects:

The project on CARS (coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering) microscopy, by the University of Jena, which is a promising approach to novel imaging technologies, that combines a chemical contrast mechanism with high picture frame-acquisition rate.

  • The University of Strathclyde will present a project on combination of the radiation from several lasers to produce a wavelength and time multiplexed light source which can be used for gas sensing.
  • The Institute of Photonics will present an adaptive-optics system with a laser scanning optical sectioning microscope to improve image quality and resolution at greater depths in biological samples The event is scheduled for Tuesday 16th june at noon in Hall C1 (section dedicated to « Photonics forum »). 
Final review of the OpenInterface project2009-05-25
The final review of the OpenInterface STREP (EU IST FP6-35182) was held at FIT (Fraunhofer Institute of Technology) at Bonn (Germany) on May 14th. The aim of OpenInterface was to design and develop an open source platform for the rapid development of multimodal interactive systems as a central tool for an iterative user-centered design process.

Multitel worked on OpenInterface as an active partner on mobile phone software development and also providing speech recognition components. On the mobile phone software front, Multitel developed a tool called the Multimodal Browser able to coordinate a network of multimodal components running on the phone. The Multimodal Browser is able to route messages between components in user customized configurations, allowing different setups depending on the current application or context. As a multiplatform and multidevice approach, the Multimodal Browser bridges the gap between mobile phones and desktop applications, allowing them to interoperate in a single network with many protocols. An open source project was also created to publish the results of OpenInterface, the Python Multimodal Hub (available at SourceForge: http://pmmh.sourceforge.net).

Multitel also developed mobile phone versions of the Multimodal Browser for Java Micro Edition and Android. Actually the Multimodal Browser is being developed on other platforms like Windows Mobile and the iPhone. Desktop versions are also available for Java and Python with a C version under development.

Beyond multimodal applications, the Multimodal Browser technology can be explored on home and industrial automation being extensible to embedded devices and light clients.

Multitel confirmed his vocation to provide high level engineering solutions, strengthening its position on mobile phone software and multimodal interfaces, linking academy and industry.

open interface final review
Visite des Ministres Messieurs Elio Di Rupo et Jean-Claude Marcourt le 6 mai2009-05-13

Pour le lancement de leurs campagnes, Mr Elio Di Rupo, Ministre d’Etat, Bourgmestre de Mons et Président du PS, ainsi que Mr Jean-Claude Marcourt, Ministre de l’Economie, de l’Emploi, du Commerce extérieur et du Patrimoine de la Région wallonne, ont choisi de visiter le Centre d’Innovation Multitel, soulignant ainsi leur volonté de placer la recherche et le Développement au cœur de leurs priorités futures pour la Wallonie.

Après avoir présenté une série de démonstrations illustrant leurs dernières avancées technologiques, les Ingénieurs Chercheurs ont écouté avec intérêt les différents discours. Les priorités du PS pour la prochaine législature ont été déclinées en 10 points, de la volonté d’attribuer 3% du PIB à la recherche, au développement de la recherche dans les secteurs porteurs que sont l’energie, le développement durable et de la santé.

Le Centre, cité en exemple par les deux Ministres, a exposé ses implications dans le Plan Marshall, et plus particulièrement dans le pôle transport et logistique dans lequel il est actif pour le développement d’un transport intelligent et combiné en Région wallonne. Celui permettra d’offrir une logistique à haute valeur ajoutée en Wallonie et par conséquent, un avantage indéniable pour sa compétitivité et le développement de ses emplois de demain, emplois liés au statut de chercheur mais également aux professions liées à la profession comme les logisticiens, manutentionnaires, techniciens, personnel administratif, etc.

UIC World ERTMS Conference – Málaga – From 31st March to 2nd April 20092009-04-27

Multitel, as an ERTMS reference laboratory, was present during the 2009 UIC World ERTMS Conference in Málaga. UIC's purpose in organizing such events is to ensure the momentum of ERTMS towards its objective. By assembling the most knowledgeable professionals in the business to speak on the various topics, the UIC ERTMS Conferences provide the unique platform to take stock of progress and to publicly present an agenda for the future.

Multitel, Independent Innovation Centre, is specialized in technologies dedicated to the transport area. Multitel is equipped with an ERTMS Laboratory and offers its expertise in the railway signalling and controlling to notification bodies, equipment manufacturers and rail operators for the homologation, validation and verification of ERTMS implementations.

The Multitel ERTMS Laboratory is capable of testing ERTMS systems against the latest TSI requirements, in accordance with a number of EC directives on interoperability of the trans-European rail system (directives 2001/16/CE, 2006/679/CE, 2007/153/CE...), more precisely against SRS 2.2.2 and SRS 2.3.0D (for which Multitel has actively participated to its definition in the scope of the TEN 2006 project).

The Multitel ERTMS laboratory is capable of testing in complex environments, with multiple trains and its interactions with multiple onboard equipment (European Vital Computer - EVC), Radio Block Centres (RBC) or Interlock equipment (IXL), with our simulators or against real equipment (interfaces might need to be implemented in a case-by-case basis). These tests can be used to plan train traffic, test train/track interoperability issues among different manufacturers and to optimize resource consumption. Moreover Multitel has developed a DMI (Driver Machine Interface) event recognizer that speeds up the validation of the put into service of ERTMS systems.

More information about the Multitel ERTMS Reference Laboratory : http://www.multitel.be/ertms/
More information about the conference itself : http://www.ertms-conference.com/
Read Multitel News 162009-03-03
Discover the latest events of the Innovation Centre in Multitel News 16 !
Discover the integrated project MEDIATIC !2009-02-18
 Discover the integrated project MEDIATIC and its technological platforms through the website

MEDIATIC website
Discover the First Newsletter of SYSTEX, Platform in the Area of e-Textiles2009-02-17

The very first Newsletter of the European project SYSTEX has just been released ! This edition proposes, among others, a reminder of the project objectives and the benefits of  membership, the review and agenda of the events relating to smart textiles and fabrics, the point of view of key people involved in or concerned by the initiative, a focus on OFSETH, (led by Multitel), which is among the 15 projects involving activities in the area of intelligent textiles.

From now on, this newsletter will keep us informed almost every six months on the milestones, advancement, relevant results and events related to that ambitious coordination action, which as Lieva van Langenhove mentions, will "pave the way for the real breakthrough of intelligent textiles in Europe". 


Multitel vous propose son expertise via les Chèques Services Technologiques2009-02-09

Depuis le début de cette année, la Région wallonne octroie des subsides sous forme de Chèques Services Technologiques (CST) par l'intermédiaire de l'Agence de Stimulation Technologique (AST). L'objectif : stimuler le développement technologique au sein des PME wallonnes au travers de prestations effectuées par un centre de recherche agréé (par exemple, Multitel).

La Région wallonne et le FEDER couvrent 75% de ces chèques. La valeur nominale d'un CST étant de 500 euros, la contribution de l'entreprise bénéficiaire est de 125 euros par chèque. Les CST ne couvrent pas la TVA. Chaque entreprise peut bénéficier de 40 CST (soit 20.000 euros) au maximum par année civile.

Pour pouvoir bénéficier de ce dispositif, vous devez remplir quatre conditions :

  • être établi en société commerciale ;
  • avoir un siège d'exploitation en Wallonie ;
  • répondre à la définition européenne de la PME ;
  • respecter la réglementation européenne relative aux aides "de minimis" (les CST constituant une aide de ce type).

Quant aux prestations éligibles, vous en trouverez la liste exhaustive dans le règlement du régime des CST qui peut être téléchargé sur le site de l'Agence de Stimulation Technologique.

Dans ce cadre et à titre d'exemple, Multitel vous propose ses services dans les domaines suivants :

  1. les réseaux informatiques, y compris la sécurité (authentification, cryptage, etc), les technologies Wi-fi et la téléphonie IP : définition des besoins, aide à la rédaction du cahier des charges, suivi de projet et résolution de problèmes spécifiques ;
  2. les technologies de traçabilité et de positionnement en temps réel d'objets et de personnes dans les milieux indoor et outdoor ;
  3. les développements et prototypages de composants électroniques, y compris EMC et EMS ;
  4. les interfaces homme-machine intégrant les technologies vocales ;
  5. les prototypes basés sur les technologies à fibre optique (développement de prototypes innovants et services de métrologie) ;
  6. les systèmes de vision industrielle intégrant le traitement intelligent d'images.
Vous désirez augmenter la capacité technologique de votre entreprise ? Les CST constituent un cadre de financement qui vous intéresse ?

N'hésitez pas à nous contacter !

A bientôt ...

L'équipe "Services aux entreprises"

tél. : 065/34 27 19 ou 065/34 27 22

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