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SYSTEX invites you to join its e-textile and wearable micro systems platform...2008-12-04
Multitel is participating in SYSTEX, an European coordination action submitted in response to the 2nd call for proposals in ICT under FP7. Its main objective is to foster cooperation between industry, academic and government institutions, research units and users. The existing information and data based on research efforts will be pooled and evaluated to generate new interaction between the different actors and then develop the European intelligent textile market.

Even if smart textile systems are sponsored on a large scale in Europe, a lack of structured coordination and interdisciplinary knowledge transfer still exists. Therefore, SYSTEX aims at collecting both technological and non technological information on relevant projects at various levels and at classifying them in a transparent database and information platform. The analysis of the available and ongoing research activities in e-textiles and wearable microsystems and the respective results will be edited in the framework of an interactive website in order to enhance cross-sectoral synergies and the exchange of project results. Dissemination and continuous interexchange between the experts in the various fields from different European countries will facilitate this ambitious goal.

SYSTEX actually aims at building an efficient networking platform for the community of smart textiles, e-textiles and wearable micro systems.

You feel concerned by the rapid progress of e-textiles, and interactive flexible wearable systems ? Do not hesitate to have a look at the SYSTEX flyer hereafter which includes the core information on the project as well as the advantages and benefits of a future membership.

More information is also available on the SYSTEX projectsheet on http://www.multitel.be/?page=projets and on www.systex.org.


Read Multitel News 152008-11-05
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OASIS 1st International Workshop in Brussels on Friday, 10th October 20082008-09-22

Multitel participates in OASIS, a new FP7 Integrated Project partially funded by the European Commission. OASIS aims to revolutionize the interoperability, quality, breadth and usability of services addressed to older persons...

ANNOUNCED : OASIS 1st International Workshop will be held in Brussels on Friday, 10th October 2008 ...

The workshop called 'Technology for independent living: an OASIS beyond 50' is organized by FIMI Philips, the Italian coordinator of the FP7 Integrated Project  OASIS.

The event aims to present the preliminary findings of the project related to the use cases selection and choice of the ontological framework, thus stimulating discussions on these issues. Its outcome will be taken into account by the Consortium during the further course of the project.

For registration and useful information on the event, please visit this link.  
Registration is free of charge and open until 3rd October 2008 !

Read the whole press information
The OFSETH project aims to a safer medical follow-up2008-09-21

ICT Results is an editorial service created for the European Commission to showcase EU-funded ICT research and activities.  Last Thursday 18th September, ICT Results focused on the outcomes of the OFSETH project.  That FP6 initiative coordinated by the applied photonics department of Multitel, aims at developing a new generation of smart textiles embedding optical fibre sensors in health care monitoring. The main objective : a safer medical follow-up, especially during MRI scans.  A project whose goals should come true thanks to the expertise of the ten European partners in the specific areas of health care, optical sensors and smart textiles.

To read the whole article, please click here


Multitel Invites you to an Infoday on Future FP7 Calls in Mons during ECOC 20082008-09-04
During ECOC 2008, Multitel is organizing an event in its premises on 23rd September 2008. The visit will include both a presentation of the innovation centre´s R&D activities in photonics and a workshop on future FP7 calls in order to explore opportunities for establishing new consortia for research projects (in relevant areas for the photonics team).

For more details on the event planning, please follow this link : http://www.ecoc2008.org/programme.asp#visits.
To register to the event, please send an e-mail to european_research@multitel.be by Friday 19th September 2008 at the latest.

Contact person for registration: Stéphanie Bauwens
Tel :  +32-65-342885 or +32-65-342786.
Session supplémentaire pour l'examen RHCE2008-08-06

Une session supplémentaire pour l'examen RHCE sera organisée le 04/09/2008.

Information et inscription: http://www.multitel.be/?page=redhat

Multitel's Annual Report 2007 is released2008-07-02

Milestones, research and innovation areas, projects results and industrial collaborations, development... Read more on the activities of the Innovation Centre in its annual report 2007 (French version).

Multitel at HP Bristol...2008-07-01

... in the context of an active search for partnerships. The Innovation Centre was participating in a delegation of Walloon companies and organisms of the ICT sector which HP Belgium and the AWT had invited for visiting the HP Bristol Labs last 27 and 28 May. The main objective of the mission led by the Walloon Minister of New Technology, Marie-Dominique Simonet : assess opportunities of collaboration between Walloon SMEs and the major international actor in ICT.

Read more on the AWT website .

Two articles on MORYNE2008-06-05
Two articles have recently been published on the European project MORYNE in which a team of the Image Processing department of Multitel was involved until 31th March 2008.

Besides a report on its results published on CORDIS last 26th May, another article written last 28th May is available on the BBC website, on the page dedicated to "technology" .

To read those articles in full, please follow these links : Cordis website and BBC website

Read also the article on MORYNE's final demonstration in Multitel News 14.
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Success for Multitel on Photonics Europe Strasbourg2008-04-15
Last Wednesday 9th April 2008, Jean-Bernard Lecourt was granted the "Best Marketability" Award 2008 of the European Photonics Innovation Village. That R&D Engineer of the Applied Photonics Department was rewarded for the design of a new Femtosecond-pulse fibre laser for microsurgery and marking applications.

That device which was fully designed and assembled in Multitel's laboratories was selected by a Jury composed of members from SPIE Europe, Rhena Photonics Alsace, under the patronage of the Photonics Unit of the European Commission, who considered it the best marketable product among the 12 innovative prototypes participating in the competition.

For more information on the prototype and the Award, please visit http://www.rhenaphotonics.fr/prix-2008-du-village-europeen-de-l-innovation-en-photo.php.


Multitel : Regional Innovative Project. Case Study Now on the DG REGIO Website2008-04-07
The case studies the Technopolis Group led for the European Commission on innovative projects funded by the FEDER are now available on the DG REGIO website, on the "Regions for Economic Change" web page.

Multitel's case study is available here.

Multitel and OFSETH at Med-e-Tel 20082008-03-19

Multitel will present their OFSETH project on Med-e-Tel from 16 to 18 April 2008. The Telemedicine & Telecare International Trade Fair yearly welcomes an international high-skilled audience in Luxembourg.

OFSETH is a Specific Targeted Research Project funded by the European Commission under the Sixth Framework Programme. Its aims at developing a new generation of Smart Textiles embedding optical fibre sensor in applications such as patient survey during MRI or SIDS detection, by monitoring vital parameters (breathing rate, cardiac activity, oxygen saturation…). OFSETH gathers the skills of ten European research and industrial actors to deal with three major topics in the project : optical fibre sensors, smart textile and health.

The applied photonics group of Multitel, as a coordinator, together with the other project partners will present the status of the project. During the exhibition, demonstration will be performed by using the validation prototype based on a T-shirt integrating an optical sensor for measuring abdominal respiration movements. In addition, the exhibition will also give an overview of the activities of the different actors involved in the projet. Of course, Multitel will take advantage of the event to show their activities in applied research in the context of other projects whose applications are dedicated to the medical area.

For more information on the OFSETH project as well as on the event, please visit http://www.ofseth.org/ and http://www.medetel.lu.

Multitel is showing its prototype on Photonics Europe from 7th till 11th April..2008-03-18

Multitel is participating in Photonics Europe 2008 at the "Palais de la Musique et des Congrès" of Strasbourg from 7th till 11th April.  This congress organized every 2 years by SPIE Europe is now regarded as the major European event gathering the most well-known actors (research labs and companies) in the field of Photonics . This year, the event is ready to welcome about 200 European and international exhibiting companies leaders in their field, as well as 2000 participants at the congress.

The Applied Photonics Department of Multitel who are working on the design and prototyping of fibre lasers, are going to be greatly represented with two oral presentations and a booth. The latter concerns a Femtolaser prototype designed for applications in the fields of marking and microsurgery that is going to be shown on the Photonics Innovation Village. 

That prototype, fully designed and assembled in Multitel’s laboratories, is among the 15 projects selected after the call for proposals Rhenaphotonics Alsace has been organizing since 2004 in the framework of Photonics Europe.  In that context, the selected innovating prototypes using optical and photonic technology are selected in order to be shown on the event.  This represents one more opportunity for Multitel to make its activities in the field of Applied Photonics known among both the scientific and industrial communities.

Moreover, Multitel is participating in Photonics Europe as a participant in 2 European projects, namely ACCORD and NextGENPCF, which are funded by the FP6 research programme of the European Commission.

In conclusion, with that double participation, Multitel confirms both its role as an Innovation Centre and its active involvement in the European Research Area.

For more information on the event, please visit, http://www.rhenaphotonics.fr/european-photonics-innovation-village-2008.php.

Come and visit Multitel, WearIt@work partner on CEBIT 2008 !2008-02-19

The World's Leading Trade Show for solutions, products and services from all areas of IT and telecommunications is ready to welcome about 500.000 visitors in Hanover from 4 to 9 March 2008.

The results of the WearIt@work project will be exhibited on the booths of the project coordinator, the Teknik Zentrum Informatik of the University of Bremen (TZI) and of Fashion Innovation Service GmbH, a PR Company specialized in the fashion and media industry.

Together with other partners in this Integrated Project, such as Grado Zéro Espace, HP, Microsoft, TZI, Siemens and Comarch, Multitel will show their speech recognition engine. That technology provides hands free operation, allowing the user to focus on his task only and not on using complex interfaces.

Moreover, Multitel will present SpyTag in the context of wearable computing. SpyTag will be used to track the location of people in a warehouse facility. An embedded computer will use the location information to guide his user through the warehouse, telling if he is in the right location as well as the next place he needs to go to accomplish his main task.

For more information on Multitel's activities in WearIt@work, come and visit us on CEBIT 2008, in Hall 9 Innovation, or have a look at http://www.wearitatwork.com.