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Best wishes for the New Year!2005-12-15

At the end of this year and in a time of positive review of 2005 results and future projects, Multitel wishes you all the best for a successful New Year!

Press Conference at Multitel2005-11-04
Multitel is involved in 14 European projects.
Seven of them have been recently accepted and will be funded.
In order to assess the current state of the European involvement of Multitel, the Centre organised on 27th October a press conference entitled: “Multitel’s European involvement: an asset for the Walloon industry”.

Journalists from the region came and listened to:
  • Serge Boucher, Chairman of Multitel and Rector of the Faculté Polytechnique de Mons, and Benoit Macq, Administrator of Multitel and Professor at the Université catholique de Louvain. After going through the European projects in which Multitel is involved, they explained how the European involvement of Multitel is beneficial for the economy of the Walloon Region.
  • Marie Dominique Simonet, Minister of Research and New Technologies, and Foreign Relations. She talked about the Research Centres and their place in the Marshall plan.
The Chairman of Multitel, Serge Boucher concluded this event by reminding that Multitel has been selected to attend the International Conference “Communicating European Research” organized on 14th and 15th November 2005 by the European Commission’s Directorate General for Research in Brussels.

Around 3000 participants including project co-ordinators, journalists and other communication professionals, press officers and representatives from research organisations will meet to promote mutual understanding of their respective roles, to share best practice and to define strategies in order to improve communication, outreach and dissemination of research results to the public and the press, at a European level.

Multitel on Show at the Bois du Cazier2005-08-25
To celebrate the 25th birthday of the Walloon area, “Le bois du Cazier”, a Cultural Centre devoted to the history of the industrial area of “Haine-Sambre-et-Meuse”, shows from 17th September till 11th December a temporary exhibition entitled "25 years of Walloon Region: Sciences, Technology and Industries".

The aim is to show scientific, technological and entrepreneurial realities of Wallonia.
In that context, the Commissioner of the exhibition has invited Multitel to attend the event, since the Research Centre contributes, like other local entities, to the scientific, industrial and economic development of the Walloon Region.

Thanks to its automatic speech recognition software, Multitel guides the visitors through the exhibition. In order to find their way about more easily in the numerous rooms of the Centre or to test speech technologies developed by Multitel engineers, the visitors ask their way to the charming virtual hostess developed by Multitel, called Anne-Carole, who nicely answers them with her synthetic voice.

These applications are more complicated than it seems. They actually make use of speech detection techniques, automatic speech recognition and robust acoustical analysis that have been developed by Multitel. They demonstrate a useful example of a multimodal human-machine interface.

However, many other applications do exist.
For more information on speech processing, click on the link here below:
Multitel: Your Partner in Machine Vision2005-08-23
Would you like to improve your productivity?
Would you like to reduce your production cost?
Do you think your logistic means could be improved?
Decreasing the number of defective products is for you really challenging?

Machine Vision systems are then "the" solution.

Indeed, Machine Vision Systems which combine an optic sensor with a data processing system, operate where any physical anomaly is visually identified. Machine Vision can then be used to control, evaluate or orientate the defect noticed.

Experienced in image processing, Multitel offers you tailor-made solutions, which will help you to improve your precision, quality and efficiency, and consequently, make you more competitive and even develop customer loyalty.

For instance, Machine Vision could be used in applications such as:
  • Quality control
  • Inspection of liquid level in bottles
  • Traceability of products in an assembly line
  • Quality control of price tags, bar codes, etc.
  • Counting and positioning of bottles in boxes
  • Etc.

So, many applications expecting adapted solutions!

Multitel engineers will answer your specific needs and give you some advice, in order to offer the best solution!

So, do not hesitate to contact us!

CANDELA: a Hopeful Success for Multitel!2005-06-21

In July 2003, Multitel took up an ambitious project called CANDELA, a EUREKA project with the ITEA label (cluster of the international programme EUREKA) funded by the DGTRE.

Today, the project has just ended successfully.
Multitel and the other members of the consortium, among which worldwide known companies such as Philips (more precisely Philips Research and Philips Medical) and Bosch Security Systems, can be proud of their collaboration: CANDELA is actually a real success!

Thanks to a good preparation, an effective collaboration and the active and stimulating participation of each partner, the project obtained excellent results, even beyond what could be foreseen.

Indeed, the 15 participants involved in this technological and scientific challenge can be proud of themselves. They could show, in real conditions, the integration and the portability of the technologies developed for medical, multimedia or videosurveillance applications.

In addition and more specifically, the CANDELA project enabled the Walloon spin-off IT-OPTICS (also partner of CANDELA) and ACIC to develop their activities.

In conclusion, CANDELA is a masterfully managed project that gives Multitel all the reasons to believe in the success and in the interest of the numerous projects in which it is participating, both for Europe and the Walloon Region !

For your information, a demonstration will be carried out at the international Conference Multimedia & Expo 2005, on 7th and 8th July in Amsterdam.

A New Mission of Technological Guidance for Multitel2005-06-10

Two years ago, Multitel began its first mission of technological guidance through a convention with the Walloon Region. This mission aimed at promoting the use of new technologies regarding B2B and B2C, within companies and SME's in particular.

Today, Multitel is up again for it, with a guidance agreement about Voice over IP (VoIP or Telephony on the Internet) for a period of two years. In this framework, the Research Centre keeps monitoring technological development on the VoIP field, keeping companies informed about relevant and applicable solutions in this domain. It also takes care of heightening the companies awareness of the new developments and of supporting and advising them on the technical and financial factors they will have to face when implementing the new technology into their system.

In order to get off to a good start, Multitel organizes a conference about the future of VoIP, on June 21st. Do not hesitate to join in! It is free entrance!

Local Channels Staring Multitel Thanks to ALLADIN2005-05-17

"Le Hainaut. Un nouveau regard", a magazine of the four local TV channels from Hainaut, TéléMB, Télésambre, Notélé and Antenne Centre, is spotlighting Multitel. The TV programme was recorded during Wallinno -- the first general public forum for innovation in Wallonia -- which took place in Mons, on 9 and 10 May 2005. The TV channel took advantage of the participation of the Research Centre to the event and made a report about it.

This TV broadcast will focus on the role of Multitel in the European ALLADIN project, which aims at the standardization of a universal language for neuro-rehabilitation. Actually, the Centre is developing a speech processing software that should be able to stir up work methods among therapists in Europe.

Do not miss Multitel on TéléMB, on 17th May, at 7:00 PM. In case you cannot make it tonight, you can still catch up on Wednesday 18th, Friday 20th May at 5:30 PM, or on the same dates on the other channels.

Get Your Embedded Systems on Track Now!2005-05-03

Created out of a group delivering speech algorithms to the consumer market, the high-skilled embedded team is now opening its expertise to others domains.

Due to the high complexity of the speech algorithms, the team has acquired over time -- since 1998 actually -- a wide range of skills in embedded programming, optimisation and digital signal processing, without losing sight of putting the products on the market on time.

Therefore, the team offers to companies a wide range of services for their various systems including software development for systems based on DSP & RISC and coded in C/C++, assembler, etc.  Developments in Java, VB, .NET are made on demand.

FP6 Multitel Projects in Vogue2005-03-15
In less than a month, the European projects site IST (http://istresults.cordis.lu/) dedicated two articles to FP6 projects of Multitel, namely ALLADIN and WearIT@work.

The first project focuses on user-friendly natural language-based decision support software for neuro-rehabilitation that would be standardized at a European level.

As far as WearIT@work is concerned, its aim is to empower the mobile worker with wearable computing that will help him efficiently accessing knowledge and computing power anywhere and in any situation. The article concerns the IFAWC forum in Zurich (March 17 -18) about applied wearable computing, precisely organized in the context of the IST project.
Brand New Trainings2005-03-02

Multitel was the first training centre to be certified Red Hat, in Belgium. In addition to these trainings in the Open Source world (Linux), the Research Centre offers a series of courses in its key research fields such as optics, data-processing networks, programming, operating systems, signal processing and artificial intelligence.

Recently, our training catalogue was enriched with a new topic: cryptography. From now on, two courses on this technology are available, «Digital Signatures and Applied Cryptography» and «RFID Passive Systems: Choices and Implementations». In the same way, two new trainings («Introduction to the Basic Concepts of Voice over IP» and «Alternatives to Ethernet Thread») were added to the Networking programme just like «Introduction to the Installation, Use and Administration of a GNU/Linux System» now supports the Operating Systems programme.

Another innovation: the training in Optics “Optical Fibres and Applications” is given in English and offers an introduction to the world of the optical fibre.

Multitel Under Construction2005-02-15
It is not fresh news that Multitel is a dynamic growing Research Centre. It is actually growing so fast that it needs much more space now.

Therefore, Multitel has decided to have a building built, a few steps from its premises on Avenue Copernic. Well, do not rush out to have a look at it right now, because you will only see the foundations (link nr1 below). But if you are in a hurry to find out what it will look like by next spring, check the maps out (2nd link below)!
New Multitel Red Hat Website2005-02-03

Would you like your staff to get familiar with Linux as efficiently as possible?
Would you like to take no chances with finding a job through learning how to master Open Source platforms?

Whether you are a manager, willing to migrate your systems to Linux, or a jobseeker in IT, who wishes to improve your knowledge on the subject, Multitel offers you a high quality Red Hat training programme.

Multitel, at a time first certified Red Hat Training Centre in Belgium, organizes courses for all levels, from beginners to engineers or technicians.  The Centre also offers the possibility to take RHCE and RHCT exams and get a Red Hat certification.

To learn more about the Red Hat programmes offered by Multitel, you can go on our brand new Multitel/Red Hat website, from here, section “Training >> Red Hat training”.

So, get more than a red cent worth and surf on http://redhat.multitel.be/.

Multitel is Now Certified ISO 90012005-01-06

During three days in September 2004, Multitel welcomed an auditor from BVQI, the most widely recognized certification body in the world (by some 30 accreditation bodies), offering solutions in the following key strategic fields: Health & Safety, Environment and Social Responsibility and Quality.

This independent daughter company of Bureau Veritas chose to audit that last domain.
Through proving its commitment towards quality thanks to Frédéric Donval, Quality Manager within the Research Centre and its "quality assistants" in each department, Multitel convinced BVQI about its ways of working.

Multitel was rewarded and is, since November 25, certified ISO 900, an international standard for quality management.  However, the Centre cannot rest on its laurels considering that audits are planned about every six months.