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Multitel wishes to all of you a wonderful Christmas time!2004-12-14
Let's meet again in 2005 for new projects, new events, new vacancies, new sections on the website, new news and, who knows, new technologies!
Multitel on-screen2004-12-01

On 7 December at 11:15 PM, the RTBF science and technology programme called “Matière Grise” will talk about Multitel's applied research results.

More specifically, it will focus on Intelligent VideoSurveillance for which the Research Centre is already famous. In other words, it will deal with the autonomous analysis of video pictures through Multitel's own software, in order to understand what’s going on on-screen.

Traffic analysis will be the main subject of the programme but there will also be a report on the "Tric Trac" project managed by the University of Liège (ULg), in collaboration with the Research Centre. This project aims at allowing a computer to track football players’ moves in real time during a game. Through an automatic interpretation of the shooting distances or the soccer ball speeds, the games broadcasted pictures will soon be improved, and all for a low price.

What could be better than sports and science to spend a jolly good TV-night!

Intelligent Video Surveillance, a smart way to deal with security2004-11-22

On November 19, representatives from the transport sector, industrial sites, agencies, police stations, administrations and from any place where security is a main issue, gathered in Nivelles for a conference about Intelligent Video Surveillance or how an image analyses itself.

Organized by Multitel, "Intelligent Video Surveillance: the solution to your security problems" presented the latest technological results of the Research Centre on this matter.

Through presentations and live demonstrations on intrusion detection, people and vehicles counting, as well as abandoned objects detection, the participants got familiar with state-of-the-art means of improving their infrastructures safety.

By the end, they were convinced by the brightness of Intelligent Video Surveillance!

GITEX 2004 : Multitel now highly rated in the Middle East2004-10-14

From 3 to 7 October 2004, Multitel marked its territory at GITEX, in Dubaï, United Arab Emirates.  

For its first time in the (by far) most important Information Technologies and Communications showroom in the Middle East, the research centre succeeded to attract many interested people to its booth inside of the AWEX headquarters.

Most exhibitors offered products integrating the latest developments in ICT hardware, software and services but none of them would illustrate the progress that will be able to improve the products of the future in this domain.

None? Multitel stood out of the crowd through its demo in speech recognition, data fusion and especially... VideoSurveillance!

In a country where amazing projects like a ski resort with 12 runs, man-made islands shaping the earth and a submarine hotel are "hype", no wonder state-of-the-art and original prototypes like those of Multitel made a fuss. 

Here are some figures : the showroom welcomed some 114,000 visitors, wich is 52% more than last year. Saudi Arabia represents 60% of the ITC volume expenses (4,2 billion USD) on its own.

Some good opportunities for the Centre... 

MULTITEL : 7th ambassador of FP6 projects2004-08-25

In the framework of its "Project Intelligence" in which "Text-Mining" methods are used for automatic gathering and analysis of projects, the famous Jožef Stefan Institute from Slovenia has drawn up a list of companies and universities actively involved in the international projects funded by the European Commission (FP5 and FP6) in the last 3 years.
Multitel comes 7th in Belgium, with 5 projects among 177, and 126th in Europe for its contribution to the Sixth Framework Programme projects.
Well done, especially when only IST projects are taken into account, leaving out Eurnex and WearIT@work.
Would Multitel be even higher in the charts of the most involved companies in the European projects?
More information about those statistics on http://pi.ijs.si.

New website: that's the news !2004-07-27

Here is Multitel latest communication medium: its website (www.multitel.be).

Surf on it and you will find an explanation of its reason why, its structure as well as the latest technology and scientific evolutions, the research projects and the current events.

Looking for trainings? You can also find a list of them along with a whole lot of information (access, surroundings hotels) which can only improve your stay at Multitel.

Learn and enjoy!