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Computer networks have become a crucial element in the smooth running of any company, whether SME or multinational.
It needs to be increasingly reliable and secure, while accommodating an ever-growing number of users and new applications that are more and more hungry for bandwidth.
Everything has to be done in a usually piecemeal context considering hardware (Windows, Linux, Unix, etc.) and protocols used (TCP/IP, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Samba, etc.).

Test and implementation of new protocols and technologies

MULTITEL works in cooperation with the academic staff of the Faculté Polytechnique de Mons. This synergy enables Multitel to study, test and implement new network protocols and technologies at a very early stage in their development. Among new developments, let us mention :

  • Wireless Networking IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n
  • Network management and security
  • Voice and data convergence within a single network infrastructure (VoIP, IP telephony)
  • Network or protocol performance simulation
  • Protocol emulation software
  • IPv6 deployment

A full expertise in every computer networks matters

Specialized in networking for many years, Multitel researchers and software engineers team have a working expertise in software project. Therefore they can choose the very best technology given the specificity of a company application and environment. This team has recently grown in order to provide a broad range of services whatever the developing environment might be : Linux, Windows or Web.

Research Projects

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