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Multitel mission

Research for the renewal of the Walloon development

Though developing synergies with regional companies, Multitel makes it easier for them to access state-of-the-art technologies. Multitel can be seen as a strategic research partner to any company of any size.

Thanks to the success of its activities and its expanding Spin Off companies, Multitel promotes the employment and continuously offers jobs to engineers and technicians. All this can only encourage the revival of the Walloon development.

Development of innovating prototypes

Multitel is not only a Research Centre. This independent centre takes part in industrial-based development projects. This activity helps to eventually introduce innovating products and services on the market.

Becoming an international scientific reference

While falling under many European programs, Multitel has stood up in front of famous companies, research centres and European universities. It is regarded today as an international Excellence Centre. From now on, many international companies base their products on technologies developed at Multitel.
And that is not likely to stop there as Philippe Busquin, European Commissioner, said:
"The European space of research is the key for tomorrow's Europe".