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Data fusion

Data fusion is generally defined as the use of techniques that combine data from multiple sensors and gather that information in order to achieve inferences, which will be more efficient than if they were achieved by means of a single sensor.

To fully exploit the Multitel expertise in various technical domains, a fast-growing data fusion group (which is part of the signal processing department) has been created.

This unit draws upon the experience acquired by the Speech processing Department of Multitel and the Theory of Circuits and Signal Processing Departement of the "Faculté Polytechnique de Mons", to explore new research topics.

Safe navigation techniques, intelligent clothing and biomedical time signals

Multitel is currently working on three specific research projects that are further described in more details:

  • Safe navigation techniques, via fusion of onboard sensors measurements
  • Distributed processing and wireless communications for intelligent clothing
  • Analysis and classification of biomedical time signals.

Various scientific topics

The various scientific topics covered by these projects include robust state estimation, fault detection and isolation, distributed and embedded computing, low-power electronic components, digital signal processing for feature extraction, artificial intelligence, supervised and unsupervised classification.

Solutions to real-life problems

The Data Fusion team applies, designs and develops state-of-the-art algorithms in these fields. Building upon the experience of Multitel in applied research, the data fusion group provides competitive solutions to real-life problems.

Research Projects

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